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Wedding Biodata

Select Language to Create Biodata for Marriage.

If you want to make biodata for your wedding online, then you choose one of the languages given below in Hindi, English, Marathi and Gujarati languages.

Choosing the language is necessary because the people of the area in which you live understand the same language, so if you make your wedding biodata in their own language, then it is easy for them to know about you.

Select Language for Marriage BioData

Biodata Formats Samples

biodata for marriage for girl
biodata for marriage with photo
biodata for marriage
biodata format for marriage
create biodata for marriage online


How to choose language for biodata?

To select a language, you have to click on the button in which language to create the bio data.

How many types of language can we make biodata?

For now, you can make your marriage biodata in only 4 languages Hindi, English, Marathi and Gujarati language.

What kind of detail will have to be given to make the marriage bio-data?

To create a marriage biodata, all you have to do is give your personal details, family details and information related to your business and job.

In what format can we download wedding biodata from

You can download wedding bio data in JPG, PNG, Word and PDF etc.