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Hindu Marriage Biodata Format

Creating an attractive matrimony resume is the first step towards finding a good and decent life partner. From this website you can make a good marriage biodata for free.

In Hinduism, marriage is not only between a boy and a girl but is considered a sacred bond between two families.

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Before getting married, the families of the prospective bride and groom exchange bio-datas to get to know each other better. A Hindu Marriage Biodata format is a document that provides all relevant information about the bride and groom and their families.

A Hindu matrimony biodata format contains a variety of information which includes personal, family, educational and professional details.

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The resume format may be slightly different depending on the region, religion and community. However, there is some common information that most Hindu marriage resume formats have in common.

Personal Details: Personal details include name, date of birth, age, height, weight, complexion, hobbies, interests and complete information about personality.

Family Details: Family details contain information about a person's parents, siblings and other close family members. It contains information about family background, education and profession.

Educational qualification: Educational Qualification has to give information about the educational background of the person. It contains complete details about the school, college and university. It also contains information about the degree, course and year of passing.

Business Description: The professional description also includes information about the person's current job, company, designation and work experience, if any.

Astrological Description: Astrological details contain information about a person's horoscope. Kundli is made by Pandit ji. It contains information about the person's date of birth, time, place, zodiac sign, constellation etc.

contact details: In the bio-data, information about the person's address, phone number, email address and social media handle has to be given. Providing accurate contact information is essential for families to interact.

Photos: Boy and girl should put a recent good photo in the resume so that the chances of liking you will increase.

Lastly, a Hindu marriage template is an important document in the matchmaking process. It provides comprehensive information about the personal, family, educational and occupational details of the individual.

Providing accurate and complete information is essential to facilitate the engagement process. A well written and well presented resume format helps individuals to find their life partner and start a happy married life.